Looking for a run-of-the-mill "sex pill"? You won’t find it here. Ogöplex is a premium prostate health supplement and contains unique botanical extracts used for decades by the enlightened man to enhance sexual capacity. The doctor-formulated proprietary blend is ground finely and then pressed into tablets. Ogöplex contains a non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) formulation to protect your health. Ogöplex is also kosher, vegan, vegetarian, and is gluten and dairy free.
Graminex® Flower Pollen
In a powerful upgrade to our previous formula’s generic Swedish Flower Pollen, Ogöplex now contains clinically-tested, patented Graminex® Flower Pollen. This premium ingredient is prepared by puncturing the pollen husk of flowering plants and extracting its nutrients. Commonly called grass pollen, it is recommended by many health professionals to their patients who are experiencing prostate problems. This improvement on Swedish Flower Pollen supports prostate health by increasing peak urine flow and enhancing muscle tone.*
Plant Phytosterols
With a combination blend of Plant Sterols, Beta-Sterol, Campesterol, and Stigmasterol, the Plant Phytosterols in Ogöplex are thought to support a healthy response to inflammation. Studies suggest Plant Sterols can improve urinary flow in men and positively impact overall quality of life for men with prostate issues.*
Saw Palmetto Berry
Saw Palmetto is a palm native to the southeastern United States. It’s fruit is traditionally used to strengthen and tone the prostate and male reproductive system. Saw Palmetto is often used for treatment to alleviate the symptoms of prostate problems, and a toned prostate is a part of healthy sexual activity. Additionally, Saw Palmetto adds to the therapeutic value of the Ogöplex formula by complementing the benefits of the Phytosterols Complex.*
Prostate problems are one of the most common issues facing men as they age. You can protect your prostate with lycopene-infused Ogöplex. Lycopene is a natural substance found in tomatoes and other red-colored fruits that carries potentially strong antioxidant effects.*